What is HazMat Endorsement

The Hazmat endorsement allows for drivers to haul freight containing hazardous materials, defined as any substance or material that could adversely affect the safety of the public, handlers or carriers during transportation, and defined by the Department of Transportation as such.

What’s Involved With the Hazmat Endorsement Background Check?

The requirement for a hazmat endorsement background check was introduced after the events of September 11, 2001, so the main thing they’re looking for is any previous criminal history that may indicate that you pose a risk to public safety. It involves:

Fingerprint FBI criminal history record checkIntelligence-related history checkImmigration status verification

What you need to bring

Provide required documentation and fingerprints. Bring your current U.S. passport or a driver’s license and birth certificate. See other acceptable documents.

What are the Fees?

Fees are payable by credit card, money order, company check or certified or cashier’s check.

Pay a non-refundable fee valid for five years with a credit card, money order, company check or certified/cashier’s check.
New applicant: $86.50
New applicant reduced rate: $41.00*
You can check your status online at any time.

How long does HazMat background check take to get approved ?

IAccording to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), the background check for a HazMat endorsement application can take from 30 to 60 days to complete. The TSA security threat assessment is an important step in granting a hazardous materials endorsement (HME), and there are several reasons CDL holders would not meet eligibility requirements.Federal regulations state that applicants for a new HME or a renewal must be US citizens or lawful permanent residents.
The driver cannot have a disqualifying criminal offense; cannot be adjudicated as mentally incompetent or involuntarily committed to a mental institution; and must not pose a threat of terrorism or a threat to national or transportation security.

Can you get a hazmat endorsement with a felony?

Yes, though it does depend on the felony. The Disqualifications section above lists out the specific crimes that will disqualify you from a hazmat endorsement permanently or temporarily.

Can you get a hazmat endorsement with a misdemeanor?

Yes – or at least, it’s highly unlikely a misdemeanor will get you disqualified. The crimes that disqualify you from getting a hazmat endorsement are generally felonies. Check with the requirements of your state if you aren’t sure.

Can you get a hazmat endorsement with a DUI?

If your CDL is currently valid, then you shouldn’t have any problems getting a hazmat endorsement. That said, DUIs are taken seriously for commercial drivers and you will lose your CDL permanently if you are convicted of two DUIs.

How do I know when my hazmat endorsement expires?

It will expire 5 years after you get it, or sooner if that’s what your state requires.
How often must a driver be fingerprinted and qualified for a HazMat endorsement?
Generally, drivers must renew their Hazmat endorsement every five years, although States may require more frequent reviews. The driver will be required to submit new fingerprints at the time of renewal of the endorsement. If a driver has been convicted of a disqualifying criminal offense or no longer meets the standards in the rule after obtaining the Hazmat endorsement, his or her endorsement will be revoked. Drivers are responsible for self-reporting any offense and surrendering their Hazmat endorsement as required under the rule.
It is also important to note that drivers who have certain disqualifying criminal offenses may be allowed to reapply for Hazmat endorsements after the rule’s seven- and five-year waiting periods have expired.